We love our GCK Teachers

Want to buy them a treat? We've got a list of their favorites below.

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Fine Arts:

Music – Miss Hanna

Locomotion – Miss Karla & Miss Trish

Library (4s only) – Miss Andrea

Art (4s only) – Miss Andrea & Miss Karla


Classroom Teachers:

Bs – Miss Cambree & Miss Charity & Miss Shanna (Miss Ashley and Miss Nicki – Wednesdays)

1s – Miss Kelli & Miss Sarah

2A – Miss Kenzie & Miss Saddie

2B – Miss Kristina & Miss Mariki

3A – Miss Courtney & Miss Rachel

3B – Miss Kandie & Miss Kayla

3C – Miss Katie H & Miss Liz

3D – Miss Destiny & Miss Diana 

4A – Miss Kathy

4B – Miss Stephanie 

4C – Miss Macie

4D – Miss Hillary



Miss Layla (4s)

Miss Kim (babies – 3s)



Miss Jana (Director)

Miss Katie (Assistant Director)

Miss Dixie (Financial Assistant)